PL2 Alta resistencia


Aceite mineral + Sulfonato de calcio, Gris
Rango de temperatura de funcionamiento : -20°C ∼ 232°C

Descripción de producto
  • A lithium complex thickened grease blended with high viscosity base fluids for exceptional film strength
  • Fortified with molybdenum disulfide for additional load carrying capacity and anti-wear performance
  • A unique blend of extreme pressure, anti-wear and rust, oxidation inhibitors as well as functional polymers for better adhesion in wet environments and better performance at higher temperatures
  • Wide service temperature (-30 ℃ ~ 180 ℃)
  • Mineral oil + Calcium Sulfonate, Gray

PL2 grease is Heavy Duty grease that operates effectively in plain/journal and anti-friction bearings. It exhibits excellent adhesive and cohesive characteristics and are highly resistant to mechanical shearing.

Typical applications :

Ball/roller bearings, bushings, slides, screws, and general lubrication where heavy loads and low speed exists

Industries most commonly requiring the heavy-duty, all-weather capabilities of PL2 greases include :

Steel, Mining, Cement/Construction, Paper etc.

  • Excellent EP and anti-wear properties against extreme/shock loading : Minimize bearing components wear and extend equipment life
  • Excellent friction reduction characteristics : Easier start-up, reduced heat, and reduced energy, leading to longer bearing life
  • Enhanced rust and corrosion protection : Extend bearing life and performance
  • Excellent mechanical stability : Long-term protection
  • Easily pumpable in both single point lubricators and central lubrication systems
  • Operating temperature : -30°C ∼ 232°C
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